If your dog was purchased from a breeder, contact them before you contact rescue. A responsible breeder will want to know if one of his/her dogs is in need of assistance and will want to help. In addition, many contracts have a ‘right of first refusal’ clause in them, stating that should you no longer be able to keep the dog for any reason, the breeder will take the dog back.

BROC is a breed-specific rescue that deals only with Bullmastiffs. Due to limited resources, we are not able to help with other breeds or mixes. BROC reserves the right to refuse any dog into our program for any reason.

Please remember that BROC is run by volunteers, out of our homes. We do not have a shelter or kennel facility. We are involved in rescue because we love the breed. However, we also have homes/families, jobs, travel, other hobbies/activities etc. We work our rescue activities around our busy schedules, so please be realistic about timelines for returning calls or emails.

What to expect when surrendering a dog to BROC:

1.  You will be required to fill out and sign our Release Agreement. It is important to be completely honest when answering all questions about your dog. If your dog has issues of any sort, we must be made aware of them. Accurate information will give your dog the best possible chance of successful transition into a new home.  If your dog has CKC or AKC registration papers, copies will need to be turned over with the dog, in addition to any pedigree information you may have. 

2.  BROC will require vet records from your dog’s veterinarian. Your dog’s medical history is important. We will need to continue any ongoing treatment he/she requires and will need to inform potential new owners about any pre-existing medical conditions. Please be sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations.

3.  Although BROC tries to foster most dogs before allowing them to be adopted out through our program, this is not always possible. Foster homes are the hardest things for most rescue groups to come by and BROC is no different. Therefore, please be aware that it may be necessary for you to keep your dog until a suitable home can be found or other arrangements made.

4.  Finally, should you decide to place your dog on your own, please be responsible and have it spayed/neutered before it leaves your care. You should also conduct a home visit and check vet references before placing your dog. We certainly would!

 If you have any further questions, please contact your provincial coordinator.



 Together, we can make a difference