UPDATE – After getting cleaned up and onto some thyroid medication, Stitchy was adopted out to her new home.  Below is a photo of Stitchy in her spot on the couch with her two small furry friends.  What a special girl she is!  (You can still see the dark patches on her sides from the severe thyroid issues but this cleared up in time).

Thank you to Brenda and Carlo Cassa for driving to Sudbury to retrieve Stitchy from the shelter there and fostering her for BROC.

Upon arrival into foster care, Stitchy had a few surprises for us…. but they were all good ones!!

The shelter had told us Stitchy was approximately 8 yrs old with potentially severe health issues… turned out that she was only around 4 yrs old, just very badly cared for!!  She had SEVERE untreated thyroid issues, causing her to be 30+ lbs overweight, with a horrible coat and skin condition.  After some TLC by Brenda and Carlo, including thyroid meds, good nutrition, exercise and lots of love, Stitchy should love a long and healthy life with her new family.