Sarah Jane

In loving memory of our Best Friend, Busby, our male bullmastiff, who unfortunately passed away from cancer in 2007!  Busby’s unconditional love & friendship inspired us to contact Amy at BROC.  Helping a bullmastiff in crisis has been a very positive and rewarding experience for our family. Through the dedication and support of BROC we have been able to give a beautiful, female bullmastiff, Sarah Jane a second chance.  Our involvement with BROC has certainly increased our knowledge and awareness of all animals in crisis.  Loving, caring families are the last resort for dogs like Sarah Jane!  As a family we have helped Sarah Jane restore her faith in humanity and in return, she has taught us patience, forgiveness and the importance of PROMPT mealtimes – LOL!  Sarah Jane has become good buddies with her roommates, Cogan, a 15 month old male English Mastiff and Mersey, our 6yr old female Bullmastiff (Busby’s daughter).  Sarah’s favourite past time is snuggling in front of the fireplace with her new pals! This experience has taught us that the good times far outway the hurdles!  We can only hope that her past has faded as she enjoys a loving future with her new family. “A day without a bullmastiff is another day wasted!”

On behalf of Sarah Jane we would like to thank ALL the loving caring members of the BROC team!! Yours faithfully,

Pete, Caroline, Mersey, Cogan and Sarah Jane

PAWS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete and Caroline became part of the rescue family in December 2007 through the adoption of Sarah Jane. She was welcomed into their home with loving arms and paws, and quickly became friends with their bullie girl, “ Mersey ” and their Mastiff, “Cogan”.

Unfortunately, Mersey recently crossed the rainbow bridge.  She will be forever loved and missed by this wonderful family.  A donation has been made by the staff  of St.Michael’s Catholic School  to Bullmastiff Rescue of Canada in Mersey ’s memory.