December 15th – Rex has been adopted!!!  Below is an update from his new owner, Rob and family:

It has been approximately 4 months since we made Rex a part of our family and it has been excellent.  BROC, specifically Amy and David, were very accommodating as our family did its due diligence to ensure we were ready for another big animal in our home.  Of course there were a few anxious moments as we first introduced a new 110 lb. family member to our 8 lb. Yorkie however this wasn’t anything a 20 minute walk didn’t cure.

Since then Rex has settled in very nicely.  We continue to work to curb some of the less desirable behaviours, such as jumping up and counter surfing and he has made improvements in a fairly short period of time.  While intimidating in his bark and proportion, “Sexy Rexy” (as we call him) definitely is a lap dog trapped in a big dog’s body.  He’s a gentle giant who wants nothing more then to greet the family when we get home and spend time with you where ever you happen to be or whatever you happen to be doing.  Over the Easter weekend he was introduced to our cottage and while I’m not yet confident enough to allow him to roam freely for very long, he certainly seemed to enjoy the outdoors, laying in the sun and had his fill of turkey gravy on top of his regular food.  Maybe we will get him into the lake as things warm up in May and June.

Being a rescued animal meant we didn’t have the complete picture of what had happen to him in his past however what I think is more important is what he has to look forward to in his future.  He is a welcomed addition to our family and we are so happy to have been introduced to him through the agency.

Thanks again guys.

Rob Y.

November 11th Update

Well, had Rex weighed again this weekend, and he’s put on a little weight. I think his ideal is probably more like 110lb than 120lb.

He is definitely feeling much better now. My mix and him chase each other around the backyard playing tag now. My daughter (16) is comfortable with him roaming around and he has demonstrated that he is well adjusted in all respects. Being left behind is still a bit of an issue, but he is gradually relaxing there too.

Started him with recall this weekend, he responded so well that I let him and my mix run around on the front yard off leash. As soon as he stepped off the property he was called back and he responded by returning every time.

Had a little run in with a low flying hot air balloon and now he checks the sky before going out.

My mix and him have finally figured out that each have their own food dish and eat at the same time in the same room (separated by about 15 feet). Rex has figured out that the cooking in the kitchen often means things get dropped and will settle in quietly to wait. Although not what I would call an “Alpha” he is definitely sure of himself and wants to be the first at all things. He hasn’t demonstrated any aggressive tendencies, however my mix is a submissive dog.

This dog has lots of energy however will settle for long periods of time. Someone that likes to take long walks or have a dog that runs along side of them would be ideal. He is well behaved on a leash and can be walked either on a short leash or a retractable. He responded well to a choker too, although I don’t feel he needs it, so if that’s your preference with a large dog he won’t object.

November 9th Update

Just quick update about Rex:

He’s settling in nicely.  Still getting over the cough, but it is gradually going away.  His appetite is back and he’s putting on the weight again.  He’ll probably settle out at about 120lb as Amy said.

He is quite the affectionate boy, who loves company and gets excited to see you when you come in.

He knows the basic commands and learns fast.  He is happy to sit or lie at your feet while you’re busy.

He also has shown signs that he is willing to tell you when you have visitors … making sure we know when the paperboy, mailman and courageous squirrel has gotten too close to the front of the house.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a big barker, but will let out the occasional “woof” to tell you he’s on the job.

Unfortunately with a new baby on the way, plans for a bitch in the spring, we can’t keep him.  He’ll make someone a wonderful pet who will keep you company as well make you feel safe while out on your walks.  His brindle colouring has gotten lots of comments too.