Pepsi was an owner surrender to be put to sleep because of health issues….In reality she had pyometra which required that she be spayed, severe/ chronic ear and eye infections and was grossly underweight.  She is approximately 6 years old, 80 lbs and 23 ” tall at the shoulder.  Once BROC stepped in she was immediately spayed and her eyes and ears were treated with antibiotics.

Seeing how we don’t ususally get a very detailed history with abandoned animals, in Pepsi’s case we knew that she lived in a garage most of her life and was grossly underweight.  Once in her foster home she was tested in a variety of situations, she walked well on a buckle collar and happily hung out in a crate.

With all she has been through, her temperament is stable and laid back… definitely a sweety!

Thanks to our volunteers Brenda and Carlo Cassa, Pepsi was adopted by one of Brenda’s coworkers Sandra,  her husband Joe, their rescue male Tonka, a cat and a parrot!

Pepsi enjoyingthe Good Life!