Mia has been adopted!!!  After 6 months in their home as a foster dog, James and Aileen have decided they simply can’t let her go now and have officially adopted Mia.  She’s such a sweet, friendly, happy senior girl, we can certainly see why they’ve become so attached.  We’ve heard Mia’s younger brother “Bono” is happy too!  Thanks so much for giving Mia the home she always deserved.

For those of you who haven’t followed Mia’s story, Mia was surrendered to a shelter at 8-9 years of age, after her owner could no longer care for her.  The shelter staff found her to be well-mannered, friendly and happy so despite her age, thought she’d be a good candidate for adoption through BROC.  We’re happy to report they were right and Mia is starting life anew in 2011!