Thanks to the kindness, care and generosity of his foster-mom Francine, Gus is now a well-adjusted, happy dog.  Gus has been adopted and is enjoying his new life with Chris, Vanessa and their Bullmastiff girl, Aspen.  Here is a note from them on Gus’ progress:

Gus has continued to make strides everyday.  He enjoys long walks in the park with Apsen and every dog we meet he is so happy to see.  His fur is starting to come in, although we are still keeping an eye on his skin – lotioning it every few days.  He is eating from the bowl now – although he still is unsure and needs me to sit with him and the first bit.  Always looking around while he eats….but again, improving.

Gus has been an absolute gem in our family and we love him very much.  My mom (who just lost her pup a few months ago) has taken a real shine to him – spoiling him too.  As write this email, Gus and Aspen are on their pillows enjoying Marrow bones my mom got them for christmas after playing ball outside with Chris.

Again, thank you for everyone’s hard work with Gus (and all the dogs).  You are great people.

Positive outlooks become positive outcomes……keep smiling.

Chris, Ness, Aspen and Gus