If so, a rescue dog probably is not a good choice for you. Bullmastiffs end up in rescue for a wide variety of reasons. They are a large guard breed, and require extensive training and socialization as youngsters. Many people see a cute wrinkly puppy that their neighbour has, or watch a Hollywood film like “See Spot Run”, and fall into the trap of wanting one, not realizing just how much work and responsibility Bullmastiff ownership is. All too often, when the puppy reaches adolescence and has no manners or training, the family decides that this isn’t the dog for them. Unfortunately, since they did not wait for a puppy from a reputable breeder, they now have no where to turn. Eventually dogs like this end up in rescue, either through owner-surrender or via shelters.

Many of our rescues have some issues that need to be worked through. They will need to go to training classes and be allowed time to get used to their new family. The adjustment period can range from a few days to several months, depending on the dog’s history. Please reconsider adopting a rescue, if you are not committed to working through some issues with your new companion. One of the most difficult things for a rescue is to be uprooted yet again, after only a short period of time. Bullmastiffs are people-dogs. They thrive on human companionship, leadership and love. Please consider a rescue’s needs before deciding to adopt.

Have you thoroughly researched the breed?

The Bullmastiff is a unique and wonderful breed, however they are not for everyone. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and your family about the breed before deciding to add one to your home. The internet, books and speaking to breeders/owners can be a good start. Dog shows also provide a great way to meet the breed in person. Most exhibitors will be happy to speak about their dogs and share their knowledge. If you are going to visit a show, be sure to approach people after they are done showing. They will likely be more receptive to speaking to you once they are finished in the ring.

BROC’s Adoption Process

Bullmastiffs placed through our program are assessed by BROC coordinators/volunteers, and usually spend time living in experienced homes first, to ensure suitability for adoption.

Our number one priority is to ensure a good match between the dog and its adoptive family. This means that we cannot operate on a first-come-first-served basis. For example, if your home has young children and/or other pets, it may take longer for a suitable dog to become available.

If you are interested in being considered for a Bullmastiff rescue, please fill out and submit our adoption application. If a suitable dog becomes available, you will be contacted by phone to discuss further. We encourage you to touch base regularly with your provincial coordinator after submitting your application.

Prior to adopting, a home visit by one of our local volunteers will be required. Provided the home visit is successful, you will be asked to complete BROC’s adoption contract and pay a fee for the dog. Fees are determined on an individual basis, depending on veterinary expenses (ie. vaccines, spay/neuter, medications) and costs incurred for rehabilitation, if any. Fees are generally in the $150 – $400 range.

Please note – we do not receive puppies into our program very often. The majority of our dogs are over 2 years of age. If you are looking for a Bullmastiff puppy, rescue is not a suitable option.

If you are still interested in adopting a rescue Bullmastiff, submit a completed application (links below) to your nearest coordinator.

Application in PDF:adoptappl09

Application in Word format:Adoption Application

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